Woods are the building blocks of thousands of objects, and therefore, years ago, we started to learn about the woods and the products made with the woods. Our company is working with different types of woods. With a large team that is working hard in collecting the information, experimentation, analysis, and spreading this information about the woods effectively worldwide. Here are some essential attributes of our company that make us exceptional and describe our services in the world of woods. 

Contact Us:

You can email us at: woodtours.com@gmail.com

Our Vision

While exploring the woods, we are astonished by the beauty of nature. Our vision is to explore the uses and applications of woods and beautifully describe them by using different techniques. When you need any information about the woods, you will never feel alone. With the help of experience and experimentation of more than ten years, we have an extensive collection of information about the uses and types of woods. We want to explore this unending list of benefits and services of woods so that our network may grow positively. 

Our Laboratories

Working with wood was not that much easy. With many types of woods, we made laboratories in different areas of the world to explore these types. With 25+ laboratories worldwide, our network is busy finding the features and characteristics of woods found in various areas of words according to the environment and habitat. Our researchers are working day and night to explore the woods deeply. Diverse teams are assigned tasks that are useful in researching different kinds.

Our Partners

Due to the application of the woods in almost every field of life, we are dealing with different types of partners that, when adding their experience to our experimentation, provide the best information about the woods from a different point of view. 

Our partners include the building companies, furniture making brands, laboratories, equipment production companies, universities, and different research centers that are related to the natural and artificial woods and the production of different products from the wood. 

We are working more to enhance our network and to collaborate with different types of departments that are working with the woods and wood products.

Why Wood?

Wood has played a significant part in the development of civilization throughout history. Humans have utilized it for a variety of purposes, including fuel, building materials, furnishings, paper, tools, and weapons, among others. In addition, the need for wood continues to rise on a yearly basis, resulting in tensions between neighboring countries over ownership of shared resources.

Building with wood is environmentally friendly since wood is a long-lasting raw material. Wood is a natural raw material that has a favorable impact on the environment’s climate and is therefore encouraged. Forests convert CO2 and water into hydrogen as they develop, which helps them to thrive. As a building material, wood can function as a safe CO2 storage for many years if it is properly maintained.

Our future

In the upcoming time, we are looking ourselves in a relatively great position. We have many plans in the pipeline that are effective in making us up to make in different types of researches and works. We are confident that we have a great network through which we are able to provide information about the woods in different ways. So either you are a student, businessman, researcher, government employee, or any other person who want the information, pros, cons, uses, and applications of woods, we will be useful for all of you and you’re going to search us for any particulars about the woods. You can find different types of information through different sections of our website. With the help of dealers and analysts, you will get the required information accurately.