How much does Acacia Wood Cost?

The most important factor in deciding whether to purchase wood or wooden items is the item’s cost after checking its quality (hardness and durability). It is difficult to beat Acacia wood and Acacia wooden items when it comes to hardness and durability. Many people don’t know how much it costs and waste money on other woods that are more expensive than it. In this article I will address the following questions:

  • How much does acacia wood cost?
  • Are other hardwoods more expensive than Acacia wood?
  • What factors increase the cost of Acacia wood?

Acacia trees and shrubs are used to produce acacia hardwood. The species is found in Australia and other parts of Africa, the Pacific Islands, Asia, and North America. Hundreds of hardwood trees contain acacia wood which is used to make furniture, homeware, kitchenware, flooring and other wooden products.


Cost of Acacia Wood

In spite of its affordable price, Acacia wood is certainly not cheap.This would be the case if you were to purchase flooring or furniture made of acacia wood. These amounts would probably be charged.

Wood Flooring

While oak and maple are cheaper hardwood flooring options. There are fewer options for hardwood floors with acacia wood than teak. It is a moderately expensive option. As a result of teak’s natural oils, it is less likely to damage or change over time than acacia. The cost of Acacia solid hardwood flooring varies from $3 to $8 per square foot. In terms of price, engineered acacia flooring costs an average of $2.60-$8 per square foot.

Wood Furniture

Wood furniture made of Acacia wood is ideal and durable. It is perfect for bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms. A kilogram of timber costs $9 thousand, and processed timber costs a minimum of $13 thousand. 

  • The cost of dining tables ranges from $300 to $700
  • Consoles for living rooms cost $150 to $350 or more
  • The cost of a couch or sofa ranges from $300 to more than $800
  • The cost of chairs ranges from $50 to $300.

Wood Items

  • A set of 4 bowls costs anywhere between $10 and $60
  • For a set of four plates, prices range from $20 to $45
  • Shelf prices range from $20 to $60

Despite its unique, appealing wood grain characteristics, acacia continues to command moderate to moderately high prices. In light of these average prices. Comparing this wood to other types of wood, let’s see how it actually performs.

Cost of Acacia wood in comparison with other woods

  • Other exotic hardwoods such as rosewood and mahogany are more expensive. Acacia can be sourced at a reasonable price. It might not be a disadvantage if you are already in an exotic market. 
  • The cost of acacia wood can be higher than American hardwoods such as maple and oak.
  • Acacia wood is much more susceptible to cracking than teak wood. Yet furniture made from acacia can also last for a very long time. 
  • In places where acacia is abundant such as the United States, you can purchase it for a similar price as other quality woods such as oak or ash. As an imported product, acacia wood is considerably more expensive in other areas. 
  • The acacia tree is more affordable on the world market than other exotic trees. Its rapid growth makes it more affordable.

What is the price of acacia wood per cubic feet?

  • Acacia wood’s price depends on various factors, such as the size and cut of the log. It is always cheaper to buy standard sized boards as far as size is concerned. 
  • Acacia wood is a natural product.Its size is therefore determined by the size and shape of the tree from which it is sourced. 
  • Longer and wider boards will always be more expensive. It also depends on the species. Acacia trees usually cost less than oak trees.
  • Acacia wood cost per cubic meter is about 1,000. Oak is slightly cheaper. However, it is significantly less expensive than tropical hardwoods. 

Factors that affect Acacia wood Cost

  • Acacia wood costs depend on factors such as size, soundness, as well as general quality. 
  • A number of other factors need to be considered as well. Such as the quantity you are purchasing, the place from which it is being delivered, the size you need, the weather conditions at the time you need it, and the way in which your price is determined. 
  • Most of the time, a large order costs less than a small order when you place a large one. 
  • There are many different types of acacias that grow in different regions, each with their own soil composition, rainfall, and climate. Although, this can all depend on the region where the acacia is grown. 
  • Working with Acacia wood can be challenging. It is therefore more expensive. This is because not everyone is capable of handling it. 
  • Prices for Acacia vary according to their geographical region and means of transportation as well as their length and quality. 

How expensive is acacia wood? 

Many people choose Acacia as their preferred material. The access to it as well as its durability make it a cost-effective and popular option. Acacia wood is more expensive than many hardwoods. Despite its cost, acacia remains a popular hardwood. Acacia hardwood comes with a multitude of benefits. However, it is not inexpensive. This hardwood has a lower cost than other imported hardwoods. However, it is generally more expensive than native hardwoods and other flooring options. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can acacia wood be considered a good wood?

Acacia is one of the most durable woods. For heavy-duty pieces like dining tables and benches, its density and hardness make it the ideal material. Acacia wood flooring is relatively inexpensive in comparison to oak and maple. In general, it’s more affordable than teak.

What is the best use of acacia wood?

Acacia is grown mainly for wood in the manufacture of furniture, flooring, kitchen accessories, and other household products. It is an extremely strong wood.  Therefore, support beams for buildings are also made of Acacia wood. 

How do acacia and teak differ?

There is also a variety of hardwood commonly used in outdoor furniture known as teak. Teak and acacia differ in their density, and acacia naturally contains significantly less oil than teak. Acacia is more affordable than teak, but their quality is not much different.


Acacia wood has many advantages, including its durability, affordability, and beauty. Acacia wood flooring and furniture are sustainable choices. In addition, its unique wood grain makes it an excellent choice for homeowners seeking to add visual appeal indoors or outdoors. Acacia wood, which is less common than maple or oak and cheaper than teak, is a moderately expensive option for hardwood flooring. In comparison with other hardwoods, acacia is an excellent choice for homeowners who desire the appearance of expensive wood at a reasonable price and with sustainability in mind. In determining the cost of acacia wood, a few factors are extremely important. These include how much you are buying, the place from which it will be delivered, the size you need, the weather condition at the time you are buying, and the way the cost is calculated.