Best Small Wood Cutting Board: The Ultimate Guide in 2023-2024

Having a small kitchen needs special tools for the best results and storage. Small wood cutting boards are perfectly made to solve the issue of compact kitchens. From material to size to style, there are many aspects one should consider before investing in the best small wood cutting boards. We analyzed, checked user reviews, and tested before making the list of these top-rated wood cutting boards for small kitchens. 


Best Small Wood Cutting Board

Best Small Wood Cutting Board

1. TB Home cutting board- Best small wood cutting board for Serving & Cutting Board with Juice Groove

TB Home cutting board

Quick Features

  • Size 8 inches
  • Material Acacia wood
  • Shape Rectangular
  • Dimensions 8″L x 6″W x 0.63″Th

Made from exquisite acacia wood, this durable small wood cutting board showcases the beauty of natural wood grain patterns. Measuring 8 inches wide, it is the perfect size for swiftly slicing lemons, limes, and other delightful garnishes, ensuring precision without taking up excessive space.

The TB Home Acacia Wood Cutting Board comes with an eye-catching design. It features a juice groove to capture excess liquid from food preparation and keeps your countertops spotless. It is an ideal board for cutting and serving sandwiches during lunchtime, making you effortlessly transition from prep to presentation. 

Its versatility shines as it doubles as a serving board for small snacks and appetizers, minimizing the need for extra dishes and reducing clean-up time.

After a slicing and chopping battle, this cutting board is a breeze to clean. A quick wipe with soap and warm water is all it takes to restore its pristine state. However, soaking or dishwashing is not recommended to preserve its longevity.

Remember, its compact size may limit its suitability for larger cutting tasks.

Pros & Cons

  • Space-saving design
  • Versatile for cutting and serving
  • Beautiful acacia wood craftsmanship
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Juice groove keeps countertops clean

  • Not for larger cutting tasks

2. ML Home Mini Wood Cutting board- Best small wood cutting board for vegetables and fruits

ML Home Mini Wood Cutting board

Quick Features

  • Size 9 inches
  • Material Ash, Walnut, Beech, & Mahogany
  • Shape Rectangular
  • Dimensions 9.84″L x 6.5″W x 0.6″Th

Enhance the beauty of your kitchen with the ML Home Mini Wood Cutting Board. This unique and multi-colored cutting board combines style with functionality. This compact wood cutting board is designed to bring joy to your cooking experience while adding a touch of elegance to your table settings.

 This board makes your prep work a delightful experience, from zesty limes and lemons to pungent garlic. It also doubles as a stunning cheese board, ideal for serving an array of delectable cheeses and crackers.

Thanks to the appealing design, you can use it as a stylish charcuterie board or a gorgeous serving platter. It’s also an excellent gift choice for housewarmings, weddings, birthdays, and other joyous occasions, making it a versatile and thoughtful present.

This small wooden cutting board boasts a harmonious combination of Walnut, Beech, Ash, and Mahogany, resulting in an eye-catching display of multi-colored wood. Beyond its functionality, it can be used as a decorative cutting board to enhance your home decor and add a touch of rustic charm to your kitchen.

Crafted with durability in mind, the ML Home Mini Wood Cutting Board is built to withstand the demands of daily use. It is food-safe, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene. Moreover, the natural wood material is gentle on your knives, preserving their sharpness and longevity.

Perfectly sized for small kitchens, this cutting board measures L 6.5″ x W 9.84″ x T 0.6″, offering optimal convenience without compromising functionality. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to handle and store, allowing you to make the most of your limited kitchen space.

To maintain its beauty and longevity, hand wash only, dry it after use, and avoid leaving it in water. 

Pros & Cons

  • Versatile for chopping vegetables and fruits
  • Beautiful and stylish design with multi-colored wood
  • Doubles as a cheese board and serving platter
  • Compact size ideal for small kitchens
  • Durable, food-safe, and knife-friendly

  • Size issues

3. KitchenAid Classic Rubberwood Cutting Board- Best Non-toxic small wood cutting board

KitchenAid Classic Rubberwood

Quick Features

  • Size 10 inches
  • Material Rubberwood
  • Shape Rectangular
  • Dimensions 10.04″L x 8.07″W x 0.79″Th

KitchenAid is a reputable brand that stands out for its commitment to excellence. This KitchenAid Classic Rubberwood Cutting Board is a bright example of how good the manufacturer is with its products. With its exceptional design and superior features, this cutting board is a must-have for any kitchen.

This compact cutting board is made from rubberwood and has a durable construction engineered to maintain its shape over time. Rubberwood is renowned for its sturdiness and ability to withstand the rigors of daily use. It provides long-lasting durability and ensures that your knives stay sharp, as the surface is gentle on the blades.

The KitchenAid Classic small Rubberwood Cutting Board offers a range of features that elevate your meal preparation experience. This board is non-absorbent and won’t soak up liquids or odors to ensure your food stays fresh. 

I loved that the reversible surface doubles the cutting area as it efficiently handles multiple ingredients without cross-contamination. The modern design of the utility boards adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen and makes them perfect for entertaining.

With its durable construction, this best small rubberwood cutting board is built to withstand the demands of everyday use. Its non-absorbent nature ensures that it remains hygienic and easy to clean. The reversible surface offers versatility, allowing you to switch between meal prep and serving effortlessly. 

The soft surface protects the sharpness of your knives, making them last longer. Also, the modern design enhances the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen and adds a touch of elegance to your gatherings.

Hand-washing the KitchenAid Classic Rubberwood Cutting Board with warm water and mild detergent is recommended to ensure long-lasting performance. The board’s perimeter trench is designed to catch excess liquids, simplifying the clean-up process.

This cutting board is slightly heavier than expected, which may require extra effort when handling or storing. Some users have reported that the board’s rectangular shape limited their flexibility in certain cutting tasks. 

Pros & Cons

  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Non-absorbent surface keeps food fresh
  • Reversible design doubles cutting surface
  • Gentle on knives, maintaining blade sharpness
  • Modern design adds elegance to your kitchen

  • Slightly heavier

4. Lipper International Bamboo Wood Cutting board- Most durable small wooden cutting board for home

Lipper International Bamboo Wood Cutting board

Quick Features

  • Size 6 inches
  • Material Bamboo wood
  • Shape Rectangular
  • Dimensions 6″L x 8″W x 0.75″Th

Lipper International is a trusted brand that provides exceptional value and quality items for various spaces, including the kitchen, home, office, and child’s playroom. With a focus on functionality and beauty, Lipper International crafts each product individually using the finest quality materials. The Small Bamboo Cutting Board is a testament to its commitment to excellence, offering a set of two small cutting boards that combine practicality and aesthetic appeal.

These mini-cutting boards are made from bamboo wood, a natural and renewable resource. Bamboo is an excellent choice for cutting boards due to its durability and sustainability. By using bamboo, Lipper International ensures that its products are not only long-lasting but also environmentally friendly.

This Bamboo wood Cutting Board set includes two small cutting boards, each featuring a two-tone design on both sides. The boards measure 8″ x 6″ x 5/16″, making them versatile for various kitchen tasks. These all-purpose cutting boards are ideal for small and larger jobs, accommodating different chopping and slicing needs. You can also use them as serving snack plates, adding versatility to their functionality.

The use of durable bamboo wood provides several benefits to these cutting boards. Bamboo is known for its strength and resilience, ensuring the boards can withstand daily use without warping or cracking. 

The two-tone coloring on both sides adds a touch of style and sophistication to any kitchen decor. The compact size of the boards makes them easy to handle and store, fitting well in smaller kitchen spaces. Bamboo is naturally resistant to bacteria, making these cutting boards hygienic and safe for food preparation.

Maintaining this mini wooden cutting board set is straightforward. Make sure to hand washed using mild soap and cool water. It is important to avoid soaking and dry them immediately after washing to prevent cracking. These cutting boards are not suitable for dishwasher, microwave, or refrigerator use. 

Extreme temperature changes can damage the material over time. The occasional application of mineral oil on the inside is recommended to preserve their appearance.

Pros & Cons

  • Durable bamboo construction for long-lasting use
  • The two-tone design enhances kitchen decor
  • Versatile for small and larger kitchen tasks
  • It can be used as serving snack plates
  • Naturally resistant to bacteria for hygienic food preparation

  • Only for small cutting tasks

5. Samhita Round Acacia Wood Cutting Board- Best small wood cutting board with Handle

Samhita Round Acacia Wood Cutting Board

Quick Features

  • Size 13 inches
  • Material Acacia wood
  • Shape Round
  • Dimensions 13″L x 9″W x 0.75″Th

This Samhita Round Acacia Wood Cutting Board with Handle is a beautifully crafted cutting board designed to bring functionality and elegance to your kitchen. Made with luxury acacia wood, this cutting board is a great choice to make your everyday cutting tasks effortless. 

The Round Acacia Wood Cutting Board is created with luxury acacia wood. Acacia wood is renowned for its exceptional quality and durability, making it an excellent choice for a cutting board. 

This best small round wood cutting board features a perfect circle design with a diameter of 9 inches, making it an ideal charcuterie board for displaying an array of delectable treats. 

Adding a handle, measuring 4 inches in length enhances the practicality of the board, allowing for easy transport and serving. With a total size of 13″ x 9″ x 0.75″, this cutting board offers ample space for all your cutting and chopping needs.

It is a functional kitchen tool and a great gift for various occasions. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, a bridal shower, a housewarming, or a birthday, this cutting board is a versatile and appreciated gift. It is particularly suitable for gourmet friends and food enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty and functionality of high-quality kitchen tools.

Don’t wash this cutting board with water. Instead, wipe it clean with a damp fabric and towel dry after each use. For maintaining the wood’s natural luster, periodic oil application with a cloth or towel is recommended. It helps to nourish the wood and protect it from drying out. Allow the oil to dry thoroughly before using the cutting board again.

The circular shape limits the available cutting area compared to rectangular cutting boards, especially for larger ingredients. Additionally, the requirement for periodic oiling to preserve the wood’s appearance may involve additional maintenance.

Pros & Cons

  • Made of luxury and durable acacia wood
  • Well-Designed circular charcuterie board
  • A versatile gift for various occasions
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Good size for cutting and chopping tasks

  • Limited cutting area

What are small wood cutting boards used for?

The small size of these cutting boards makes them ideal for quick, everyday cutting tasks and for managing limited kitchen space. Here are some common uses of small cutting boards.

  • Cutting herbs and spices
  • Chopping nuts and seeds
  • Preparing sandwiches or small snacks
  • Cutting and arranging small desserts or pastries
  • Chopping and slicing small fruits and vegetables
  • Slicing and serving cheese, charcuterie, and appetizers
  • As a surface for slicing lemons, limes, or other citrus fruits
  • Displaying and serving small dishes during meals or gatherings
  • Creating a dedicated space for cutting specific ingredients to avoid cross-contamination

How to Find Small Wood Cutting Board for Your Kitchen- Buying Guide

How to Find Small Wood Cutting Board for Your Kitchen- Buying Guide

Several key features should be considered when selecting a small wood cutting board for your kitchen. This buying guide will help you navigate through the important factors to ensure you make an informed decision.

Manufacturing Material

The material used in constructing the cutting board is crucial for its durability and functionality. Look for cutting boards made from high-quality hardwoods such as bamboo, acacia, or maple. These materials are known for their strength, resistance to knife marks, and long-lasting performance.


Consider the shape of the cutting board based on your specific needs. Wood cutting boards are available in two shapes, including rectangular and round.

Rectangular boards are versatile and provide ample space for various cutting tasks. Rectangular cutting boards offer a larger cutting surface and are more versatile for everyday kitchen tasks. They are ideal for chopping, slicing, and dicing ingredients of different sizes. Rectangular boards are also practical for transferring food from the cutting board to cookware.

Round or oval cutting boards are ideal for serving and presentation purposes. They are visually appealing and can showcase cheeses, fruits, and other snacks. 


The cutting board size depends on your available countertop space and the amount of food you typically prepare. 

Small cutting boards are convenient for quick tasks, such as slicing a single fruit or vegetable. 

Ensure the size is sufficient for your regular cutting needs but not too large to overwhelm your workspace.


The thickness of the cutting board ensures stability and durability. A thickness of around 0.75 to 1 inch in wood cutting board provides a sturdy surface that can withstand heavy use without warping or bending. Thicker boards also offer better protection for your countertops.

Design and Color

The design and color of the cutting board can complement your kitchen decor. Some cutting boards feature beautiful wood grains, while others may have unique patterns or decorative elements. 

For instance, reversible wood cutting boards are good because they offer the advantage of dual-cutting surfaces. Such design also allows using one side to cut raw ingredients and the other for cooked or ready-to-serve food. It enhances convenience and helps maintain food separation and hygiene during meal preparation.

Wood cutting boards with a juice groove are a good option. The groove helps collect excess juices from fruits, vegetables, and meats, preventing them from spilling onto your countertop. It helps keep your workspace cleaner and makes it easier to transfer ingredients.


Maintenance requirements of your cutting board are essential. Look for boards that are easy to clean and maintain. Hand washing with mild soap and warm water is typically recommended for wooden cutting boards. 

Please don’t soak the board and promptly dry it to prevent warping or cracking. Some cutting boards may benefit from occasional oiling to moisturize the wood and maintain its appearance.

Final words

Small wood cutting boards offer several advantages in the kitchen. Their compact size makes them convenient for quick-cutting tasks, while their natural and durable material provides a soft knife surface. These cutting boards are versatile, suitable for slicing, chopping, and serving small to medium-sized ingredients. With proper care and maintenance, they can last for years. Remember to hand wash them, periodically apply oil, and avoid exposing them to extreme temperature changes. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use a small wood cutting board for hot pots and pans?

Don’t use a small wood cutting board for hot pots and pans, as the heat can damage the wood and potentially cause warping or splitting.

Is a small wood cutting board good for cutting raw meat, poultry, or fish?

A small wood cutting board is a good option for cutting raw meat, poultry, or fish. Clean and sanitize the board thoroughly after each use to prevent cross-contamination.

How often should I oil my wood-cutting board?

It is best to oil your wood cutting board every 3 to 4 weeks or whenever the wood looks dry.