What Is Burl Wood? – Makes the Most Covetable Pieces for Your Home In 2023

Once a wise man said ‘Only a jeweler knows a diamond’s true worth.” Here is the story of such a rare diamond once spotted in the redwood forest in California. The wood makers randomly spotted rare but precious hidden treasures that the world knows by Burl Wood today! 

Once spotted, there was no looking back. It was the beauty in the eye of the beholder that saw the unusual grain pattern inside that malformed lump. 

Hunting burl and utilizing it best to make burl wood furniture and more is the part of the story that still continues. 


What Is Burl Wood?

Let’s now jump back to the present. It’s time to revive your interior with something exotic and unique– Wood burl!  Those finding solace in classics will surely swoon over this new kind of wood. So, if you are done with the minimal and contemporary furniture, it’s time to redo it! Rejuvenate your spaces with exotic pieces made with burl wood. 

Wondering what burl wood actually is after patiently considering our argument?  Well, it’s more like pain gained in love that ages over time and blooms into an exquisite piece. 

Burl wood is an external knot or outgrowth in a tree trunk that produces elaborate grains. The random wood grains, over time, produces dense, thick wood that is highly valued for its aesthetic appeal and beauty.  

The tree’s trunk form burls after experiencing stress or injury. The injuries thus cause the formation of wood that is the epitome of trauma-infused intrigue. 

This unique kind of wood definitely forms covetable furniture pieces that everyone will inquire about. Keep reading to become a pro at burl wood and make a change!

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The History of Burl Wood

The History of Burl Wood

Imagine walking in a Redwood trees forest in California in the early 20th century for timber. It is a usual timber hunting sesh like other lumber companies until you notice something unusual.

Yes!  This is exactly what happened in the early 20th century. The workers of the wood companies were on a mission to hunt straight-grain wood from the redwood tree until they noticed a burl with unusual grain patterns.

This discovery fumed an increased demand for redwood burl in the 60s and 70s.  This led to illegal activities and redwood burl poaching in national parks. 

It posed a serious threat to wildlife activities at federally-owned parks. 

What’s Inside Wood Burls?

What's Inside Wood Burls?

One of the most prominent wood species inside the burls is a world to discover. Known for its impeccably intricate grain patterns, burl wood is undoubtedly a matter to discuss. 

The tree burl pattern develops after the unsprouted tiny sapling binds to the tree’s sapwood. 

Digging deeper, the inside of the beautiful burls and thus offers a range of grain patterns, colors, densities, sizes, and shapes.   

You will also observe sweeping patterns inside the wood burls. This happens because these do not grow together in tandems like other tree woods. So the absence of growth protection and structural integrity develops something unique. It’s better to call it a  blessing in disguise.

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What Are the Different Types of Wood Burl?

What Are the Different Types of Wood Burl?

Burl woods are of many different types.  Stay with us to know the detail of other tree species burls. But before we discuss each of these types individually, a lego question arises “ how can burl wood be different”?

Logically like varieties of trees exist, so do the burls. Every species of forest contain a unique heartwood and sapwood, and therefore the burl wood on each kind of tree exists with different factors. 

 These factors include grain patterns, wood colors, density, durability, and uses. So without further ado, let’s discuss different kinds of burl woods.

Oak Wood Burl

Oak Wood Burl

Originating from Eucalyptus trees, the Oakwood burl is one of the most versatile burl wood.  It is one of the most frequently used burl wood on Earth. Burl Oak and Oakwood are strikingly similar in properties. This might be the reason behind the strength of its properties. 

Another exciting fact regarding Oakwood burls is its value. They are much more expensive compared to other burls. This is because these are among the smallest found in any burl species. 

The unique feature of Oak burl is its unique natural color scheme that differentiates it. Durability is another feather in the Oak burl’s crown.  

Redwood Burl

Redwood Burl

It won’t be wrong to call Redwood burl “The Father of Burl.” It’s because the ancient redwoods burls were the first to be noticed in the forests of California. 

Redwood trees are an icon to coast America, producing some of the finest wood-bowed trees. 

Redwood burl is unique in many aspects. Another reason is the redwood burl’s growth in the redwood tree’s canopy. It makes it quite challenging to grow. 

Color is another distinguishing factor. The redwood burl deviates from the regular pattern. Unlike the Oak tree, it is developed from Sapwood instead of heartwood. It makes it deep red. 

With such an aesthetic appeal, the redwood burl is thus used for different purposes. These include its use as an ornate veneer for decor.

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Cherry Burl Wood

Cherry Burl Wood

Here is another reason to fall in love with cherries. Cherry trees, blossoms, and wood burl— a complete package of productivity and goodness. 

We are all familiar with blossoms-laden cherry trees pleasing our eyes. But now enters the cheery wood burl. Surprisingly it is grouped as wood, similar to Mohangny. 

The easy handling and durability of cherry wood burl earn it all praise. These make it world-famous among furniture makers and woodworking enthusiasts, particularly in the US.

Black cherry wood is widely spread access North America. It is readily available and is thus the commonest of cherry burl. Grab it today to turn it into lucrative furniture pieces. 

Walnut Wood Burl

Walnut Wood Burl

Its association with Walnut wood is enough to describe its class. Walnut wood is among the most desirable woods in the world. Known for its exclusive finish, it is the first choice for classy, vintage-inspired furniture.

Following the walnut wood, the burl exudes class and finish like most burls. This can be the best choice for any interior project. However, it’s not for you if you are looking for pocket-friendly alternatives. 

But Yes! Invest in walnut burl once, and you will never regret it.   

 Maple Wood Burl

 Maple Wood Burl

Like many other burls, the burr maple too, has a distinguishing factor associated with it. Besides its unique grain pattern and color, maple burls are more prominent than others grown n any other tree. 

Maple trees produce burl wood iteration like no other tree can produce. Like regular maple wood, maple burl to has distinctive spiraling patterns. 

It’s more like seeing patterns twirling to some melodious tune! The sight is sure to leave you awestruck! 

Burlwood Furniture Vendors

Burlwood Furniture Vendors

Where to find burl wood is one of the frequently-asked questions ever since burls got due attention. Burl Vendors! You can buy these burly hardwood slabs or the veneer quality from local shops or dealers. These are helpful if you wish to use burls for crafting, sculpting, and carving. 

There are sources available that offer burl wood furniture. Though small scaled, they always provide an excellent selection of high-class furnishings, which makes the interior feel polished and contemporary. So better approach such markets dealing in burl wood furniture to pay back your interior generously. 

Uses of Burl Wood— Burl Wood Coffee Tables

Are you tired of trying casual furniture that splits or loses charm over time? If so, there is nothing better than burl wood furniture. 

Burlwood is perfectly thick and thus resists splitting. With its unique grain pattern, charming colors, durability, and versatility, reinvent the wheel! 

  • Burl Wood Furniture: Furniture is art. It represents your space in the best way. Burl furniture includes coffee, side, sideboards, dining, and end tables. 
  • Burl wood slabs make the most sought-after furniture.   
  • Art: Bur wood itself is an intricate piece of art. Vases, sculptures, and other decoration items are made using burl wood. 
  • Musical Instruments: Burl wood veneers are made of natural burl to craft them into various musical instruments.
  • Home Decor: Many items, including photo frames, mirror frames, trays, bowls, and others, are made using wood burls. Each of them is a highly-priced perfect piece to invest in. 
  • Jewellery:  Artisans or jewelers love to work with material that is easy to handle. Burls are not only easily handled but notoriously renowned for being illustrious because of the patterns and colors. 

Therefore they make perfect highly-prized jewelry with a higher degree of appeal and finish.

Burl Wood Coffee Tables

Burl Wood Coffee Tables

Add a lovely accent to your home with a burl wood table. It will undoubtedly be the most exotic, classy, and fabulous piece of furniture, breathing life into your home. 

These are made either with thick burl wood slabs or burl wood veneers. Getting a burl wood console or sideboard in the same pattern is better to spice up the game. Pop it up using candle stands, faux flowers, and scented candles to add the WOW factor. 

A burl wood coffee table is a lifetime hand-picked investment to flaunt.

Pros and Cons of Burl Wood Furniture

Every commodity has some advantages and disadvantages. So has bur wood. Let’s evaluate burl wood based on pros and cons.

Pros of Burl Wood

  • Unique patterns
  • Striking colors
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Natural wood
  • Thicker and resist splitting
  • Makes perfect pieces, particularly furniture
  • Long-lasting

Cons of Wood Burl

  • Burl wood expensive
  • Rare
  • Can’t be obtained without damaging trees

Can Burl Be Removed From a Tree Without Damaging it?

Can Burl Be Removed From a Tree Without Damaging it?

No! Getting burl and no damage to trees are two opposite occurrences. You can’t get burl without damaging the tree. Sometimes the trees encounter insect infestation or infections and phenomena like rotting. This gradually causes the entire tree to wither. 

Burlwood Poaching

Knowing the worth, poachers regularly attack redwood forests to hunt redwood burls. Burlwood poachers have known Redwood Park as an excellent destination for hunting burls. But since trees are as valued as the burls, poaching is unethical and unacceptable. 

This is unallowed because of the long-lasting damage caused to the trees. The cut trees are left exposed and develop infections. 

The fungal infection thus results in the death of the trees. Not taking it too long, it is evident that recurrent tree death can significantly disturb the ecosystem.

Is Burl Wood Expensive?

Yes! Burl wood is much more expensive than other woods. As a matter of fact, the rare, the most expensive. Since burls are of a rare growth origin, their demand always has seen a surge. 

Other reasons making them expensive are unique grain patterns and brilliant color schemes. These factors are responsible for the evergreen finish and exceptional appearance of the pieces crafted with burl wood. 

Depending upon the grain and size, burl wood can cost you from $95 to $ 2795.

What Makes Burl Wood Unique?

The birth of the burl wood is what makes it unique in the first place. The transformation of a dormant bud into a unique wood form is phenomenal. Further, its acceleration by an injury or trauma defines the charm of imperfection.

Burl wood is scarce, and this makes it unique. The list of factors driving burl wood distinguished thus goes on. Adding to it is the unique pattern and colors that furniture makers are mad about. This furniture adds a bold statement and beauty to the space adoring it. Its natural beauty is refreshing. 

FAQs–  Burl Wood

What kind of wood is burl?

It is the kind of wood developed because of an unusual grain pattern. It results from a dormant bud that did not sprout because of an injury or trauma.  In other words, it’s a matter of restricted growth fueled by stress.

What causes a tree to have a burl?

An injury, fungus, or stress.

Can burl wood be used as a veneer?

Yes! It is, in fact, great to use burl wood as veneer. The thicker wooden slabs are too costly, and veneer thus is an affordable alternative.  

In a Nut Shell

Though the era today is about minimalism and contemporary lifestyle, the room for doing something out of the box still demands a change. What else besides a burl wood coffee table can add that WOW factor to your favorite corner?

Add a bold statement and vintage class to your living area with furniture crafted with burl wood. Burl wood is magical. It will instantly dust the magic powder over your space to revamp it.