How to Care for Acacia Wood Outdoor Furniture?

If you are looking for some information about how to clean acacia wood, then you have come to the right place. Acacia wood is known as one of the best woods for outdoor furniture. If you aren’t sure how to take care of your furniture and what products you can use to clean it, take a look at all the information I have compiled.


Is Acacia wood Good for outdoor furniture?

When you’re looking for the perfect outdoor furniture, you want something that will withstand the elements and last for years to come. You don’t want to be replacing your pieces every year, or even every few years, because they’ve become faded or warped over time. You want something that will keep its shape, maintain its integrity, and grow more beautiful with age. Acacia wood is an ideal choice for this purpose.

  • Acacia is a tropical hardwood with a rich grain and warm color that offers natural resistance to rot and decay. 
  • It’s perfect for outdoor use because it doesn’t splinter easily, making it comfortable and safe for sitting on. 
  • The wood ages gracefully as well: over time, it will begin to turn a silvery grey, which adds a whole new level of beauty to the piece. 
  • The grain pattern is linear, which gives it a modern look and makes it ideal for both rustic and contemporary décor. 
  • It also has a higher oil content than other woods, which helps it retain it’s color longer even when exposed to the elements.

How to Clean Acacia wood outdoor furniture?

Acacia wood can become dirty with time and requires regular cleaning to maintain its beauty.

Step 1 – Before you begin your cleaning efforts, make sure that you have all the necessary equipment on hand. You will need a bucket filled with warm water, soap or detergent, and a hose. If there are any stains or spills on the furniture, use a scrub brush and an old toothbrush to remove as much dirt as possible before starting the cleaning process.

Step 2 – Begin by soaking a clean rag in warm water and rubbing it over the stained area of your acacia outdoor furniture. This should lift most of the stain from the surface of the wood. If there is still some stain remaining after this initial effort, try using some soap or detergent instead of water on another clean rag to scrub away any remaining spots or stains. Use a mild soap that is designed specifically for cleaning outdoor wooden furniture. Avoid using harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia as these may harm your furniture over time.

Step 3- Rinse off all soap residue with warm water and dry thoroughly before storing it in its original packaging for later use.

Step 4- If there are stains on the surface of your Acacia wood outdoor furniture, use a cloth dampened with mineral spirits or denatured alcohol to wipe them away gently but firmly enough so that they do not leave behind any residue when finished cleaning your piece(s) of furniture

How to Care for Acacia wood outdoor furniture?

Caring for acacia wood furniture is relatively simple. The key to caring for acacia wood outdoor furniture is regular cleaning and maintenance. Here are some tips on how to care for acacia wood outdoor furniture:

Clean the Furniture Regularly- You should clean your acacia wood furniture regularly to keep it looking good as new. Use soap and water or a mild detergent with warm water to wash down the exterior of your patio set while avoiding harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia-based cleaners. You can use an old towel to dry the furniture after cleaning so it doesn’t warp or crack from excess moisture exposure.

Apply Oil Regularly- Some people like to apply oil to their patio sets once or twice per year as well in order to keep them looking new for years to come. The process isn’t difficult — just apply a thin layer of mineral oil using a rag or sponge applicator and allow it to sit for about 20 minutes before wiping away with another clean rag.

Sun protection – Acacia wood can get damaged by direct sunlight exposure over time so make sure you protect it from direct sunlight exposure as much as possible when left outdoors during the summer months.

Apply a protective finish annually- Acacia wood can be difficult to refinish because it requires stripping off all of the existing finish before applying a new one. Applying a protective finish annually will help protect your acacia wood from weather damage like fading or cracking due to sun exposure.


Acacia wood is an ideal choice for making outdoor furniture as it is water-resistant and will stay beautiful for many years. In fact, if you follow some simple instructions, your Acacia wood furniture will be easy to maintain. Regular care and cleaning will help keep your Acacia wood furniture looking good for years.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to do to keep my acacia garden furniture looking its best?

You should clean your garden furniture regularly and keep it away from direct sunlight as much as possible to prevent fading. It is also recommended that you cover any outdoor furniture during the winter months.

What happens if my furniture gets wet?

If your outdoor furniture is accidentally left out in the rain or snow, first remove any standing water with a towel or sponge before letting the furniture dry completely. You may then want to reseal your furniture to prevent any damage from occurring in the future. However, if your outdoor furniture is accidentally left outside during strong winds or storms, we recommend bringing it indoors as quickly as possible to avoid any damage from occurring.

Can I paint my acacia wood furniture?

Yes! Acacia is a great choice for painted projects because it accepts paint well and doesn’t require any special preparation. Just make sure that whatever you’re painting is free from dust, dirt, and other particles before you get started. You can also stain your acacia wood furniture to help protect it from water damage or give it an aged look.