How to clean acacia wood?

How to Clean Acacia wood Floors – 6 Effective Tips

Acacia wood is a popular choice for flooring. It’s durable and comes in a variety of warm shades of brown. But we have to clean acacia wood in order to achieve durability. This tropical hardwood is resistant to rot and decay, which makes it a great choice for floors that are likely to get wet, such as those in kitchens or bathrooms.

Acacia wood floors are a great way to add beauty and value to your home. Acacia wood floors can last for decades. Over time, though, you may notice that your floors have become dingy or dirty-looking. But how do you keep them looking their best? How do you clean an acacia wood floor? And what do you need to know before you get one installed? That’s what we’re here to talk about.


Clean Acacia wood Floors

Acacia wood is a durable and beautiful type of wood. But it does require some upkeep to keep it looking its best. These are some things you will need to clean the floor:

  • A soft broom
  • A dust mop
  • A vacuum cleaner with a bare floor setting
  • A microfiber mop
  • A cleaning solution
  • Some vinegar
  • A spray bottle

Here are some tips and tricks for cleaning your acacia wood floors.

1. Vacuuming

If your floor is engineered hardwood, then you should use a vacuum cleaner that has hardwood settings. This will help you capture the dust and dirt particles that could scratch your floor if left alone. This will help protect your floors from scratching or other damage caused by vacuuming. For solid acacia wood floors, make sure to use a soft brush attachment to prevent scratching. You can use either an upright vacuum cleaner or a handheld device such as a dustbuster (which is great at picking up small pieces).

2. Sweeping

For both types of flooring, sweep up any excess dirt with a broom or dust mop before cleaning them with water. This will help reduce the amount of moisture that gets on your flooring surface and increase its lifespan!

3. Mop Spills

Mop up spills and other messes as soon as possible using warm water mixed with dish soap or mild detergent (1 gallon per 3 sq ft). Or Mix one part warm water with one part white vinegar in a bucket. Dip a mop into the solution and wring it out thoroughly before mopping the floor. The vinegar will help to kill bacteria on the floor while cleaning it. Use a circular motion to mop the floor with soapy water. Rinse out your mop in clean water and wring it out thoroughly between each pass on the floor—you want to avoid leaving any excess water on your Acacia floors for any longer than necessary, as it could cause discoloration or damage.

4. Use a floor cleaner

If you want something less smelly than vinegar, use a wood floor cleaner instead of mixing your own solution. Follow the instructions on the bottle for diluting it before using it on the floors. If there are no instructions, mix the one-part cleaner with four parts water and dip your mop into this mixture instead.

5. Clean up pet messes immediately.

If you have pets in your home, you know how messy things can get sometimes! Cleaning up pet messes right away is important for many reasons—not only does it prevent stains from setting in, but also reduces odors and germs from building up over time (especially since some pets like to return to the same spot

6. Dry the floor immediately.

Once your floors have been cleaned and rinsed, dry them right away with an absorbent towel or cloth so they don’t get water spots. Make sure you fully dry any areas of moisture before walking on these floors again or leaving anything wet there for an extended period.

Things to avoid while cleaning the Acacia wood flooring

  • Don’t Use Steam Cleaners on Acacia Wood. Steam cleaners work well on many types of hardwood floors, but they should not be used on acacia wood floors. Steam cleaners use hot water to clean, and because of the high tannin content in acacia wood, steam can cause discoloration.
  • Do Not use waxes, bleach, or ammonia-based cleaners on your Acacia wood flooring unless recommended by the manufacturer. These types of products can cause severe damage to hardwood floors and even eat away at the finish, leaving your floor unprotected from spills and other
  • Don’t use oil soap on your acacia hardwood floors because it will leave a very thin film that can ruin the finish of your floors. Oil soap is intended for use on non-sealed surfaces, such as unsealed wood furniture or paneling. Using oil soap on hardwood floors will leave a residue that attracts dirt and dust, making your floors look dull and dirty.
  • Don’t saturate your floors with water when cleaning them. This can also cause warping and damage to the floorboards. This may cause your floor to swell due to the high level of water content in your wood floors.
  • Never use carpets and rugs at places where there is a high traffic of people as they tend to absorb a lot of dirt and dust, which eventually gets transferred onto your floors causing them more harm than good.


In short, the acacia wood flooring can be cleaned in a very easy way with a few things covering it. The best way to clean your acacia wood flooring is to use soft mops or vacuum cleaners with soft brushes. Acacia wood flooring is a natural product that not only brings nature but also provides a great look for houses without damaging the environment. Avoid cleaning solvents as they might make the surface look dull. Acacia wood stains easily and the area can expand and contract when it gets wet. Do not use any sort of polish that has a citrus or any other high acidic content. This will damage the floors.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to know about cleaning acacia wood floors?

Acacia wood is very dense and durable, making it resistant to scratches and dirt. You can use a regular broom or vacuum to remove dust and other small particles from your floor. To clean up bigger messes, you can use a soft microfiber mop or cloth with water or a cleaning solution. You should also avoid using oil-based soap when cleaning your floors as it can strip out the natural color of the wood over time.

What are some things I should avoid while cleaning my acacia wood flooring?

The first thing you should avoid doing is using water on your floors as this will cause warping and discoloration in the wood over time. Another thing that is important not to do is use any kind of oil-based cleaner such as Murphy’s Oil Soap because this will strip out the natural color of your beautiful acacia wood flooring.

How do I get rid of stubborn stains on my Acacia wood floor?

Use a little white vinegar and water to remove stains from your Acacia hardwood floors. First, spray the solution onto the stain and let it sit for at least five minutes. Then wipe up the stain with a paper towel or soft cloth. Repeat as necessary until the stain is gone.

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