How to Treat Acacia Wood Outdoor Furniture?

How to Treat Acacia Wood Outdoor Furniture – Guide 2023

How to treat acacia wood outdoor furniture? This is a question I often get when someone buys their first acacia wood garden furniture set. Acacia wood has been my go-to material for outdoor furniture because it looks amazing, is durable, and isn’t too expensive. But if you don’t know how to properly care for this type of wood you might come across some trouble. The following gives some ideas about how to treat acacia wood outdoor furniture.

Acacia wood is a popular choice for patio or garden furniture because it is durable and long-lasting. However, because it is not naturally rot-resistant like some other woods, proper maintenance is essential if you want your Acacia table, chair, or bench to serve you for years to come.


Tips on how to Protect your Acacia Wood Outdoor Furniture:

Here are some tips on how to protect your acacia wood outdoor furniture:

Clean the Furniture Regularly

Cleaning your furniture regularly helps prevent dirt buildup and keeps it looking new for years. You can use mild soap or detergent mixed with warm water on a sponge or soft cloth to get rid of dirt and grime. The wood itself shouldn’t need any special cleaning solution — just rinse with plain water if necessary.

Protect the Furniture from Rain

Acacia wood is naturally water-resistant, but prolonged exposure to rain or moisture can cause warping or crack in the furniture pieces over time. To protect your outdoor furniture from rain damage, cover it with a waterproof cover when not in use so that it doesn’t get wet.

Protect the Wood From Heat Exposure

Acacia wood is best suited for outdoor use because it’s more resistant than other types of wood like cedar or oak. However, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause damage to the Acacia wood.

Seal the Acacia Wood outdoor furniture

Apply a sealer to new acacia wood furniture. Choose an oil-based sealer that is UV resistant and will help protect the wood from mildew and mold in addition to water damage. This will also prevent splintering or cracking. If you plan on using your furniture on a patio or deck, use a sealer that will resist fading from the sun. These should be available at your local home improvement store and can be applied with a brush or sprayed on. Allow the sealer to dry completely before using the furniture outdoors.

Wax your Acacia Wood Outdoor Furniture

Another way to protect your acacia wood outdoor furniture is by waxing it periodically throughout the year. This will help preserve its natural beauty as well as keep it looking good longer than if you didn’t treat it at all.

Paint your Acacia Wood Outdoor Furniture

This is the easiest way to protect your acacia wood outdoor furniture. You can use any type of latex paint that you want, but oil-based paints tend to last longer than latex paints do. Use paint that has UV protection in it so that your furniture will last longer outside in the sun.

Stain your Acacia Wood Outdoor Furniture

Staining acacia wood outdoor furniture is another way of protecting it from the elements. This will give your furniture an even darker appearance than if you were to paint it, but some people prefer this look over painted outdoor furniture anyway.

Apply Linseed Oil to your Acacia Wood Outdoor Furniture

The best way to treat acacia wood outdoor furniture is to apply linseed oil frequently. This will help keep your furniture looking great through many years of use. If your furniture does not already have a coat of linseed oil on it, you will need to apply two or three coats of linseed oil before using it outside. Make sure that each coat is dry before adding another layer of linseed oil.

Remove Dirt and Grime from your Acacia Wood Outdoor Furniture

The important thing in treating your acacia wood outdoor furniture is to remove any dirt or grime from its surface using regular household cleaners or soap and water. Cleaning acacia wood regularly helps prevent stains from forming on its surface as well as keeping mold from growing in hidden areas such as cracks or crevices that you can’t reach with cleaning products alone.

Use Protective Covers for outdoor furniture!

You can use protective covers made from plastic or canvas over your acacia wood outdoor furniture on rainy days, especially if the rain will be heavy or prolonged. These covers keep moisture away from the surface of your furniture and help avoid any damage from moisture buildup under the cover itself. You may also want to consider buying covers that have built-in UV protection as well as waterproofing and insulation properties.

Prevent the Acacia wood outdoor furniture from Splitting

Splitting happens when there are small cracks in the wood that allow moisture into the grain of the wood, causing it to swell up until it breaks apart along those cracks. This process can be prevented by keeping your furniture dry after it has been cleaned during the warm seasons of the year (spring through fall). You should also avoid storing your furniture indoors during these times as well since this can cause warping which may lead to splitting in future years).

Protect outdoor furniture Against Insects

Insects are another problem that can damage your acacia wood outdoor furniture if left unchecked. In particular, termites can cause significant damage over time due to their ability to burrow deep into wooden surfaces where they live undetected until they eat enough of the wood that it causes structural weakness in wood. To prevent this from happening, inspect your furniture regularly and remove any insects you find.


Acacia wood, extremely hard and durable, has many advantages as outdoor furniture. Acacia wood furniture should be protected from the sun, insects, and rain to maintain the color and luster of the wood. It should also be treated periodically with natural oil, waxes, stains, and paints in order to create a protective barrier on the surface of the wood that is necessary for long-term use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Leave My Acacia Wood Outdoor Furniture Out in the Rain?

Although acacia wood is water-resistant, it’s best not to leave your outdoor furniture out in the rain. Over time, water can seep into the pores of the wood and cause warping or mold growth. If you live in an area with frequent rainfall throughout the year, we recommend keeping your outdoor furniture covered with a tarp or canopy when not in use.

How often will I have to maintain my acacia wood furniture?

Once every year or two, you should apply a coat of oil-based finish. The lighter the shade of your furniture, the more often you’ll need to reapply the finish since the color fades more easily in light shades of acacia wood.

How Do I Protect Acacia Wood Furniture?

The best way to protect acacia wood furniture from weather-related damage is by applying a sealant or stain that contains a UV blocker.

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