What is acacia wood furniture?

If it is not easy to choose outdoor furniture, you certainly want something long-lasting, durable and easy to care for; acacia wood furniture is a popular choice in the market. Therefore, it is an excellent choice considering it looks fabulous and is less expensive than teak.

The article discusses the unique properties of acacia wood furniture, and how it can be treated. Then you should consider reading this article if you are looking to upgrade your backyard experience.


What is acacia wood furniture?

If you’re looking for acacia wood furniture, ask yourself what is acacia wood furniture? Acacia wood is a type of wood derived from native Australian Acacia trees and shrubs, which are also present in Asia, the Pacific Islands, Africa, and parts of North America. Acacia trees come in over a thousand different varieties. Wood derived from the tree is suitable for building furniture and homewares that will last a long time.

Furniture made from solid acacia wood is of high quality. Since acacia wood has a low moisture content, it is less likely to shrink and warp over time, so you can expect your solid acacia furniture to last for many years to come. For modern solid wood furniture, acacia wood is simply the best material.

Furniture made of Acacia wood is made from the heartwood of various species, usually the Australian and Asian Acacia mangium, whose wood has a dark, brownish-yellow sheen.

Acacia wood is often used to decorate homes because of its durability, gloss finish, and varying shades; it’s a beautiful and practical material for making high-quality furniture. There are light and dark shades of acacias depending on how the wood is finished.

When you have limewash paint on your furniture, the furniture will appear smooth, and the grain patterns will be visible. On the other hand, you can also find darker finishes, such as mahogany (which is my favorite!).

There are many uses and applications of Acacia wood, like furniture. You can use it for the bedroom, dining room, or living room. For flooring applications, it performs well as flooring in the bedroom, dining room, and living room.

Acacia furniture and flooring are not popular because they assume it is expensive. However, experts contend that if homeowners wax their table as instructed when they purchase it, its natural shine will be preserved, preventing the wood from cracking. 

Acacia wood cost

In places where acacia wood expensive, such as the United States, it is the same price as oak or ash. Since acacia trees increase, they are cheaper than other exotic species on the world market because of their strength and beauty. Acacia grows one or two meters per year up to ten years, at which point its growth is halved. 

Acacia Wood Furniture Qualities

There are more than 1,350 varieties of acacia trees globally, which are also called the mimosa tree, wattle tree, and thorn tree. There are many species of this graceful subtropical hardwood tree. Its native land is in Australia, but it is also found in Africa, Europe, Asia, and North and South America. Its wood has several properties that make it well suited for internal purposes, such as furniture, countertops, and homewares.

Its ubiquitous presence in the home can be attributed to a few key characteristics. In Addition to looking beautiful, Acacia is naturally water-resistant and antimicrobial. Unlike many types of wood furniture that must be protected from liquids and can warp or develop fungus if they come into contact with moisture, acacia furniture can withstand moisture contact without any special treatment.

How is acacia wood? The acacia wood’s surface is naturally smooth, and it has that distinct grain that makes wood furniture so unique and distinctive. While it is commonly found in warm tones, it holds stains well, making it an excellent choice if searching for a darker piece.

Acacia wood Uses

We’ll soon see that acacia wood can be used in many different ways. Therefore, demand has a strong tendency to be high. Consequently, suppliers can keep the prices low, so you’ll always be able to find acacia products at an affordable price.

  • Furniture Building

Wood of this type can be used for various purposes, but furniture is one of the most common uses. Furniture is made from this type of wood because of its strength. Wood can hold a lot of weight without bending out of shape because it’s hardy. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for making furniture (like patio sets and tables) because it is strong enough to hold a lot of weight without buckling. Acacia trees can also reach approximately 82 feet (25 meters). Because of this, builders can construct long pieces of furniture, like tables or benches, with a single piece of wood.

A further advantage is that it tends to be flexible after being cut to be handled easily by manufacturers. Manufacturers can then shape it to their specifications. The disadvantage is that it tends to get more complicated after drying out. In other words, the furniture will remain in shape after drying out. A high-quality acacia furniture item will also be resistant to scratches, along with being highly durable. The result is that it will last for several years, making it an excellent investment.

  • Flooring made of hardwood

Creating stunning floors with acacia wood is another widespread use. Acacia is the perfect tree for this area for several reasons. First, it has distinctive grain patterns, making it visually appealing. Consequently, it can be combined with several different aesthetics, giving you various design options.

Additionally, this material is waterproof. This product will be simple to clean up spills in wet areas, such as the kitchen. It is one of the most specific flooring products to maintain. You’ll need to sweep and mop it occasionally to clean up any dirt in most cases. Furthermore, the floor is not susceptible to mold or bacterial growth since it does not absorb moisture. The benefits of this are multifold, especially for those with respiratory issues. The material itself is also very durable, as we mentioned previously. Because of this, it makes an excellent flooring option, as you won’t have to worry about it warping or buckling over time.

  • Interior Design

There are many reasons people choose to decorate their homes with acacia wood. This approach offers a variety of benefits. Your first choice will be among multiple types of acacia wood. Many grain patterns will be available in a variety of colors. The collection will also include laminated woods. Adding stains to your paint will give you even more color options to choose from. There are many types of wood available, so you can find one that matches your home’s style. As a result, they are becoming increasingly popular among designers, as they can be used as a focal point in a room.

Using the material in a variety of ways is another big draw. Several types of home décor items can be created using Acacia. You can build a sturdy bookcase out of it or turn it into a kitchen tabletop. Since this product is versatile, you can use it in every room of your house, allowing designers to create a sense of consistency throughout.

  • Kitchenware & Cutting Boards

In addition to making kitchen accessories such as servers, acacia wood is used for its durability and hardness. Whether you need a cutting board/cheese board, a serving tray, or a salad bowl, solid acacia wood is an excellent choice. These are a few of the products made from sustainable acacia trees.

The wood harvested from acacia trees is not just strong but also quite beautiful. The distinctive grain pattern and vibrant colors create an attractive appearance. With expert craftsmanship and finishing, the wood will have a distinct impression that everyone will enjoy. Always rub your acacia wood kitchenware with mineral oil to protect it.

  • Other Uses

It is interesting to note that essential oils are released when the wood is pressed. Various medicines can be made using these oils. Also, they can be used to manufacture perfumes and skincare products with a honey-like scent.

Wood can sometimes be used as a material for sculpture. For example, acacia wood is often used to make bowls and plates. The wood is also used for surfboards in Hawaii.

What is the best way to preserve Acacia wood furniture? 

When it comes to taking care of wooden furniture like a king-sized bed, coffee table, and so on, you must pay attention to every detail. To ensure that your Acacia wood furniture always looks perfect, you should consider the factors mentioned below.

  • Furniture should never be placed directly in the sun 

If you plan to purchase wooden furniture, such as a dining table, you should avoid placing it in direct sunlight. UV rays should be protected from wood furniture to prevent it from deteriorating. Keep the dining table away from direct sunlight to prevent it from getting damaged. To avoid any damage to their wooden furniture, it is one of the most important factors they should consider.

  • Spills should be cleaned with a soft cloth and warm water 

It would be best to learn how to avoid distinctive marks on wooden items like sofa sets before you buy them. You might spill some food on your sofa, for instance, if you often eat it while watching a movie. It is a good idea to use a soft cloth and warm water to avoid scratching your wooden sofa set. This method will help you to clean wood furniture properly.

  • Preserving wood or applying furniture wax 

One should be cautious when it comes to Acacia wood furniture, such as a study table. To retain the shine of furniture for a long time, you must use wood preservatives or furniture wax. As you are aware, Acacia wood furniture may lose its brightness over time if used for a long time. So, you need to find the best wood preservative to use on wooden furniture, such as a sofa, dining table, study table, chairs, and other similar Acacia wood furniture.

We have some of the best furniture items made of Acacia wood that you can find in our furniture store, which will provide you with the best results. Therefore, you should check out all the different types of furniture available in the store. In addition to the certifications that licensed experts prepare, you’ll get different types of quality assurance.Having these kinds of contracts will help you purchase perfect wooden furniture. To see how the wooden furniture will look, you can examine the images from different angles. Many pieces of indoor furniture will look great in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the quality of acacia wood?

Acacia wood has a high quality, and it is one of the best woods that can be used both indoors and outdoors, even without any treatment needed.

How hard is acacia wood compared to teak?

Often recommended as a replacement for teak due to teak’s high cost, but with similar hardness and durability, Acacia looks a lot like teak. Acacia wood has a Janka score between 1700 and 2200, while teak wood has a score of 1070, so in conclusion, acacia wood is more challenging than teak wood.

What is the heat resistance of acacia wood?

As the wood comes from Australia, it adapted to the frequent bush fires. Because of this, the wood has a high heat resistance and is resistant to temperature changes.


Acacia is a beautiful wood for furniture. There are many acacia wood furniture pros and cons to consider if you consider investing in some long-lasting furniture.

If you want the best results, you will need to maintain the items daily, but it is a worthwhile investment. As you now know both the advantages and disadvantages of acacia wood furniture, you can make an informed decision in your favor.